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How to fix passive voice in an essay

How to fix passive voice in an essay

An active voice allows the reader to connect with the writer unlike a passive voice that is rather impersonal. A passive voice focuses on the action and not the doer while the active voice does the opposite. For example ‘the man drove the car’ is active while ‘the car was driven by the man’ is passive. The difference is in how the words have been arranged. When trying to capture the attention of the writer its best to use active voice in order to make the essay more personal not unless the action is of more value than the doer the particular essay.

To fix a passive voice, the writer must know how to identify what makes a sentence have a passive tone. Certain words and phrases in a sentence make it have an inactive voice and should be replaced, such that put a spot light on the action rather than the doer should be eliminated. Rearranging the order or words such that the subject comes before the action makes the sentence have an active voice. A sentence should be maintained in the active voice throughout as well as adverbs which give emphasis away from the doer or the noun. An active voice emphasizes the prose as well as adding clarity and the latter is weakened and creates confusion to the reader.

The writer may think that the spell checker will identifier the passive voice but this is not so because the passive voice is not a grammatical error but a form of writing. Verbs can be removed in a sentence it make it active for example in the sentence ‘the argument was long and lasted for 3 minutes’ is written as ‘the argument went for 3 minutes. Replacing the tense to make it a past participle tense will shift the sentence from passive to active voice. Placing adjectives before a noun is also a good way to replace a passive voice in a sentence.

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