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How to write a 250-words Essay

How to write a 250-words Essay

This simply an essay on any topic with word count of 250 words which is basically not more than a page and should include the introduction, the body paragraph and the conclusion of the essay title. This short essay can be difficult to write since all aspects are to be expressed in a few words but give a clear argument and the trick lies in giving the most relevant and credible information only.

Choosing a topic well understood is effective in writing a short essay because the writer has a lot of information on the subject matter. If a specific title is given, the essayist should spend time to really understand the topic and jot down an outline identifying what is most relevant to the topic and focusing on that in the body layout. Narrowing a topic down instead of a broad subject will be the best way to stick to the limited word count

The first paragraph should be the introduction giving brief background information on the topic as well as an outline of the arguments to be discussed. It should not be too detailed due to the limited word count so that there can be enough words for the body paragraph. A count of 50 words should be enough to state the purpose of the paper as well as the points to be addressed in a straight forward way.

In about 3 paragraphs discuss each point of argument independently giving only the most relevant evidence in support of the particular point. As much as the words are few, the writer must make sure the information presented is logic and relevant. Use of short sentences and choosing the right words that will give more information on the point of discussion will keep the word count maintained and render a quality essay.

The conclusion should be the shortest with about less than 50 words and it contains a very brief, since it is already a short essay, summary of the introduction and what has been discussed and include a recommendation depending on the nature of the topic being discussed as well as the type of essay.

The writer is to check the word count, a typed piece will show the word count while a written work will require the reader to manually count the words. Proof reading lets the reader eliminate any words in excess or irrelevant information and also correcting any grammatical and spelling errors.


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